it's ours!

a fleet of vehicles
is a real job.

What does FATEC do?

Independent of any rental companies, manufacturers and maintenance networks, FATEC provides its clients with fleet management and
technical maintenance for light and industrial vehicles,
regardless of their mode of financing.

The press talks about FATEC

110,000 vehicles under management,

29 years of experience…

What are your needs?

Achieve savings by optimising expenditure

Maintenance costs, return costs,

leasing companies benchmarking, annual mileage limits optimising,

taxation, and reduction of company vehicle tax (TVS)

Save time by delegating time-consuming tasks

Fuel cards, insurance cards,

fine management,

transfers and reassignments

Global vision

Measure, monitor and analyse for better fleet management

Collect and consolidate data from multiple stakeholders.

Facilitate reporting and decision making.

Car policy advice TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and driver satisfaction

Choose suitable models

Simplify your life by outsourcing fleet management.

Your business has grown: has the fleet grown too complex to manage?

Is your former fleet manager hard to replace?

Do you need some advice?

Safety, compliance

Vehicles that are always operational

Ensure the comformity and safety of your equipment.

Reduce downtime.

Get technical advice

Our added value :

Why choose Fatec ?

in consulting and in the search for savings

Independent of leasing companies, manufacturers and networks. Re-invoicing at real cost (tax transparency).
Supplier benchmarking

of an experienced specialist

Support centre with 55 technicians and
3 technical inspectors

offered by an SME that listens to you

For owned fleets
and / or LLD (long-term leasing)
Customised services
8 dedicated Key Account Managers
35 fleet managers

What our customers say about us!

LCL used to manage its own automobile fleet of 2000 vehicles internally. We wanted to outsource this service […] We chose Fatec Group for its experience with large fleets, its powerful tools and the presence of an internal technical support centre.

José M. Head of the Department of Logistics

Maintenance Services & Regulations

José M Lire le témoignage complet

We were looking for a service provider to take over when our purchasing and general services assistant retired. Our objective was to empower our employees, with a single point of contact with the service provider. The contract has been a success.

Vivien D., Non-Food Buyer

Vivien D.Lire le témoignage complet

I chose FATEC to partially outsource fleet management, so I only had to manage the orders for new vehicles and thus save working time.

Maryvonne B Purchasing Assistant

Maryvonne B.Purchasing AssistantLire le témoignage complet

We used to work directly with the leasing companies and each one had specific requirements that were not always easy to manage. We chose FATEC to have a single point of contact and to relieve us of the relatively cumbersome management of our fleet. I am very satisfied especially since the responsiveness and communication is good

Sylvaine B. Executive Assistant

Silvaine B.Assistant Director Lire le témoignage complet

By choosing FATEC, we had a two-fold objective: to gain in quality of service through outsourcing and save money by putting two providers in competition with each other. Today, FATEC provides us with a better service to employees, an outsourced workload, and savings.

Philippe M. Corporate Human Resources

Philippe M.Corporate Human ResourcesLire le témoignage complet

We chose FATEC for their responsiveness and proximity to their clients. […] FATEC also enabled us to benefit from more advantageous rates with rental companies because they have greater negotiating power due to the pooling of the different clients’ fleets.

Maxime L. Deputy Administrative and Financial Manager

Maxime L.Lire le témoignage complet

Fleet matters

FATEC has organised themed workshops on mobility-related topics on its own premises.
Employees were invited to think about the future of fleet management and to imagine how new modes of transportation could facilitate their daily trips by saving more and polluting less.

New news items, the update of the mobility law, what are the new objectives? -To achieve carbon neutrality of transport in France by 2050, to stop the sale of “carbonised fossil fuel” vehicles by 2040, to multiply by 5 the possibilities of electric recharging by 2022…

New news points, the mobility law recommends the use of more ecological cars, to facilitate home-to-work journeys or a bonus of 400€/year…